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Kēvens | Giving thanks
Everything associated with Kēvens [Kee-venz] begins and ends with that simple yet so powerfully profound statement of purpose. He is a person who has made music his entire life, music that is always dedicated to perpetuating his increasingly important message to the world. POSITIVITY IS A NECESSITY
Kevens, Kēvens, Kee-venz, Music, Positivity, Reggae, Rock, Pop
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Giving thanks

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I am thankful every single morning when I get up for being granted an other day under the sun. I pray that the Almighty continue sending blessings to all of you who know what being a giver throughout the year is all about. May you never cease to be angels of light in a place where evil lurks. I know you know who you are my brothers and sisters of light. Happy and blessed Thanksgiving/Chanukah to you and your loved ones. Kevens