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Kēvens | Nelson Mandela
Everything associated with Kēvens [Kee-venz] begins and ends with that simple yet so powerfully profound statement of purpose. He is a person who has made music his entire life, music that is always dedicated to perpetuating his increasingly important message to the world. POSITIVITY IS A NECESSITY
Kevens, Kēvens, Kee-venz, Music, Positivity, Reggae, Rock, Pop
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Nelson Mandela

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It was 1986 when my new friend Robert from Cape Town told me about Nelson Mandela and the way of life in South Africa, I was simply intrigued. It’s a different ball game altogether when someone who lives down the street from where Mr. Mandela is jailed verses the stories one reads in the news paper or sees on television. Needless to say, I was highly interested about this Cape Town, I promised my new friend that one day God willing, I will make it there. 

One morning late last year around 6:30, just about an hour after I got home from an all night recording session, my woman called to tell me of this special on Etihad airlines going to Johannesburg South Africa that we couldn’t pass on, I was delirious and unable to give her a straight answer. Her birthday was coming up and we could not decide where abroad we wanted to go. By the time I called back, her mind was made of where she wanted to celebrate her birthday, flights were booked. Mind you , at that time, taking a long trip was not part of my itinerary. I was in the middle of writing new songs with a new producer and couldn’t afford to go that far away, so I thought.
That trip ended up being the best vacation in my life thus far.
Once in Cape Town, I decided to make it to Robben Island . Luckily, the tour guide on the bus recognized me and made arrangements for me to visit Nelson Mandela ‘s cell where he was kept captive for 18 years. Being inside that tiny room, looking at the bed where he slept, so cold without heat felt like an out of body experience.
Love is the only way, that’s what I took with me walking out of there.
Happy birthday Mr. Mandela


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