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Kēvens | Kēvens’ New Single Is A Timely Groove Aimed At Bringing Awareness To Current Environmental Issues
Everything associated with Kēvens [Kee-venz] begins and ends with that simple yet so powerfully profound statement of purpose. He is a person who has made music his entire life, music that is always dedicated to perpetuating his increasingly important message to the world. POSITIVITY IS A NECESSITY
Kevens, Kēvens, Kee-venz, Music, Positivity, Reggae, Rock, Pop
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Kēvens’ New Single Is A Timely Groove Aimed At Bringing Awareness To Current Environmental Issues

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“Bright and Beautiful” reaches into ones consciousness, encourages humanity to put aside material differences, challenging us to make the world a better place. Lyrics that I support and play on both of my shows on English Pound Radio and on KDHX 88.1fm in St. Louis MO”    – Ital-K, KDHX 88.1 fm

With his new release, “Bright and Beautiful”, Kēvens takes you back to the original dub-reggae beats, updated with digital sounds and all masterfully woven with a positive message and gentle plea to humanity. “We must change the present condition. We have to be the guardians of this planet. This is our right. This is our home. It is a necessity. We have to take action!”
Earthy vibes blend with the trippy soundscapes and steady groove of drummer Howard Smith along with guitarist Brian Newton’s distinctive riffs and production by Kaukuta, to generate a heady mixture of old dub and new that is a perfect soundtrack for the current global movement of environmental change.

A dynamic live performer, Kēvens has shared stages with a variety of musical artists including Carlos Santana, Steel Pulse, Steven Tyler, Armin Van Buuren and Paul Van Dyk just to name a few; and played iconic festivals such as: Earth Dance, Ultra Music Festival, Monterey Bay Reggaefest, Reggae Sunsplash, and many more.

Kēvens is working on several releases this year and already has collaborations in his musical vault, including a song with artist producer Gaudi that was recorded live with his band, mixed by grammy winning producer Bob Rosa. Other orks include songs with Mikey Bassie, mixes by Ekto1, and this new working relationship with Kaukuta formerly of Union Jack. Everything associated with Kēvens begins and ends with a simple yet so powerfully profound statement of purpose: Positivity is a necessity.


  • Kevens | Jan 11, 2016 at 7:38 am

    “Merging with Mother Nature”
    Thoughts after writing “Bright & Beautiful ”
    Meditation has been a major part of my life for a very longtime. It has helped me tremendously over the years in keeping a calm mind when confronted with stormy situations in my day to day.
    A peaceful state is a very hard place to reach and daily meditations make achieving that goal a bit easier. The world is always singing and if we listen carefully we can hear and feel the symbiotic and timeless connections all around.

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