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Kēvens | World Is Burning music video premiere by Kēvens
Everything associated with Kēvens [Kee-venz] begins and ends with that simple yet so powerfully profound statement of purpose. He is a person who has made music his entire life, music that is always dedicated to perpetuating his increasingly important message to the world. POSITIVITY IS A NECESSITY
Kevens, Kēvens, Kee-venz, Music, Positivity, Reggae, Rock, Pop
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World Is Burning music video premiere by Kēvens

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“World Is Burning” is about the mistakes that keep on plaguing the human race over the decades. The time for change is right now if we are to survive the wrath of Mother Nature.This song is pure inspiration for all who chose to listen and take responsibility.
The visuals in this video don’t need dramatization or exaggeration to be completely terrifying. It’s the shots of people posing in gasmasks, or huddled in abandoned, ruined buildings, or wearing dollar bill blindfolds, that are filmed up close and personal to hit you right where you’ll feel it most. Rich, poor, black, white, Asian, European, old, young: we are all responsible. We are all affected and we are all in this together. 

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