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Kēvens | History
Everything associated with Kēvens [Kee-venz] begins and ends with that simple yet so powerfully profound statement of purpose. He is a person who has made music his entire life, music that is always dedicated to perpetuating his increasingly important message to the world. POSITIVITY IS A NECESSITY
Kevens, Kēvens, Kee-venz, Music, Positivity, Reggae, Rock, Pop
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Everything associated with Kēvens [Kee-venz] begins and ends with a simple yet powerful profound statement.

“Positvity is a Necessity”!

Kevens has made music his entire life, music that is dedicated to perpetuating his increasingly important message to the world and he feels blessed to have found his chosen path early in life. “Some things are just meant to be. It was destiny playing its hand,” he explains, recalling a fateful connection that would play a significant role in his life and career.

“If you have purity in what you live for, I believe good things will come your way. I met Anthony Booker (may he rest in peace) while jamming with friends. I had no idea who he was but we started talking about the nature of things, seen and unseen, and something just clicked. Eventually, he invited me over to his place to jam with him and after sharing the vibe for several hours, a woman came in and asked if we wanted something to drink. I instantly recognized her as Bob Marley’s mom. She took us inside, and there was Richard, Bob’s other brother, Rohan Marley and Bob’s sister Pearl…I realized then who he was and it was a shocker. It took me quite a while to get over that one.”

That same divine manifest destiny found Kēvens onstage with Rabbit in the Moon at the Zen Festival in Florida in 1997. Confronted by an ocean of ravers facing their first taste of media scrutiny and police presence, he rose to the occasion like a champion. “The rave movement, now currently known as electronic dance music (EDM) was at its peak then,” he says, recalling the music scene to which most anyone who consumed dance music in America in the 90’s can relate.


“Back then, at most raves, it was DJ’s and maybe a few MC’s but there was no voice bringing spirituality to the audience. The 1997 Florida Zen Festival, occurred not long after CBS did a story on the growing rave scene, exposing it to mainstream America as something bad, so the police presence was very heavy. The crowd was defiant, because they weren’t used to rave festivals being shut down by the authorities. It was a pressure cooker. However, I realized that it was the perfect time for me to intervene. So I simply picked up the mic and got everyone to chant “Positivity is a Necessity”. It created a positive and peaceful atmosphere and calmed the crowd down. There was no trouble and the party was a success. That was a very powerful and moving moment for me. I had found my voice.”

Always thinking out of the box, Kevens was inspired to move away from traditional reggae and into something unique, so he took the words of Bob Marley personally: “Reggae will continue to get bigger and bigger”. He explains his musical evolution as follows. “By merging reggae with the different musical sounds that I heard on the streets of London, I created the perfect ingredient which culminated in my present works”.

He has fused his reggae roots into a panorama of unexpected rhythms and ideas, which has resulted in a truly unique sound. His live performances are a mixture of deep dub grooves, hardcore crunch and a plethora of  radical reggae re-workings which make them a unique musical statement that has to be seen. “When I met grammy winning producer and engineer Bob Rosa, I knew I had found the perfect collaborator. He took my work to the next level and he really brought out the best in me artistically. I had to trust the process, and I’m so glad I did”.

Kevens explains the organic flow of his live concerts as follows. “Every song that I sing, speaks to each person individually and differently, depending to what they’re going through in life. But… they all help you to connect with your inner being, with nature and with your fellow human on a higher level”.

“People are looking for substance, they crave it, they demand it” he stresses emphatically. “So much of radio and TV is rubbish. I am a member of the positive singers of the world who are providing them with a positive and spiritual option and The Almighty is guiding me to deliver it through this musical path. It’s a new time, we have to break old habits and make new self discoveries. Expand our visions, pound through our animal state and unite. This, without any apology, is an absolute necessity, I promise you.”